Event WinEdit

This is a term distinct from the official winner of the fight and shows the perceived fan’s winner. The term is thought to have been coined by Larry Merchant who remarked after Lennox Lewis-Vitali Klitchsko: “Lennox Lewis won the fight. Vitali won the event.”


A robbery: Lara EVT12 Williams, Castillo EVT12 Mayweather, Whitaker EVT12 Ramirez.

A technical/disputed stoppage when behind on the cards: Vitali EVT6 Lewis, Taylor EVT12 Chavez.

A freak occurance: Malignaggi EVT N’Dou: The Haircut. Judah EVT Tszyu: The Chicken Dance.

This term is the opposite of “Lewis TKO6 Vitali” wherein the official result is the important one and has led to bitter conflicts between the camps

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